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How does the Mentor Program work?

Students and mentors will apply to be part of the program. Application criteria will
be developed based on industry best practices and conversations with staff and
faculty. Students will be matched with mentors by the Advisory Committee.
Students will be introduced to their mentor at a university-sponsored kickoff event.
Student and mentor will be encouraged to follow a mentoring guide that suggest
tasks, activities, and objectives to accomplish during the academic year. The mentor
program will operate from roughly October through April.

Where will the mentoring happen?

The UMD Mentor Program will match students with mentors from all over the country. The Alumni Relations team will introduce the mentor and mentee via Zoom. All other meetings will occur at the discretion of the student and mentor (e.g. individually scheduled in-person meetings, telephone calls, videoconferences, email, etc.).


  • Students will work with a professional to develop and reflect on goals and career pathways.
  • Students will benefit from establishing and maintaining a professional relationship while in school.
  • Students will become more familiar with an industry or profession in a location of their choosing (Duluth/Superior or Minneapolis/St. Paul).
  • Alumni mentors will gain firsthand knowledge of the talent, knowledge, and curiosity of UMD students. This development will enhance the bond between alumni and their college.
  • Alumni (and their employers) will gain access to some of the brightest and most hard-working students at UMD for their organization’s talent pipeline.


  • Students will develop professional networks while in school.
  • Students will receive guidance from an industry professional.
  • Aid student retention efforts.
  • Mentor role will serve as a valuable cultivation opportunity for donors.


  • Students and mentors will be surveyed on their experiences in the program upon conclusion of the year (April).
  • Staff will check in with students and mentors throughout the year to gauge individual satisfaction and performance.
  • Data will be used to influence the application process, mentor pairing, recruitment, and programming in future years.